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For large families and busy professionals we are happy to provide a helping hand. We provide full time or part time servants who are responsible for cleaning and maintaining an area in a workplace, or a private home. They are skilled enough to understand and work responsibly or they can work under the supervision of a household manager.

Duties & Responsibilities

Zero hassle & Zero headache
Basic cleanliness
Sweeping and mopping the floor
Dusting and vacuuming
Washing of clothes and utensils
Kitchen and platform cleaning
Deep cleaning of storage room, refrigerator and bathrooms

Our servants can be given different responsibilities if need be. They are well trained in a variety of domestic services, caring for your children or an elderly dependent, housekeeping and maintenance. Other tasks may include cooking, laundry and ironing, shopping for food, feeding and walking pets, managing basic repairs, and other household errands.

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