At home care and development support for children

As working parents, do you feel guilty that you cannot give more time to help your kids with their studies and all round development? Worry not! We offer Governess services with our qualified and experienced staff.

Duties & Responsibilities

Zero hassle & Zero headache
Helping with the care and educational development of your children
Helping with homework
Promoting child’s intellectual, educational and social development
Coordinating and providing child’s leisure activities, extra curriculum and educational excursions
Help develop good habits
Motivating children to study harder

Our governess will focus on both, the formal and informal education, and emotional development of a child. They usually do have a teaching background and childcare experience. In addition, they will be able to offer other specialist skills, for example they may be qualified to teach swimming, a local or a foreign language or a musical instrument.

Our governess will also be responsible for health care, safety and general well-being of the child. They will also help the child with the social and cultural development, religious education, encourage self-awareness and creativity and promote good manners, discipline and etiquette.

Need a helping hand?

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