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Welcome To NewHouseMaid Service in Mumbai

Are you looking for the best housekeeping services but are not able to find one?

Get The Best Maid, Babysitter, Caretaker, or Cook for your Home.

Located in Mumbai, Maid Service in Mumbai provide skilled and verified maids, nurses, baby care takers, patient care, domestic helpers, cooks, etc. All such people are well trained and experienced to give the best performance in their jobs. We conduct a proper background check of all the people, and once satisfied, we supply them to our customers as per their needs.

Maid Service in Mumbai also gives proper training to the staff offered by us, by transcending the qualities of honesty, dedication, and perfection in their work. Our housekeeping staff are very reliable and have full knowledge of activities like nursing, dusting, cleaning, and other work done at homes, offices, and hospitals with complete dedication. We supply only licensed and verified people for our clients after proper background verification of the personnel.

Being a popular name in the industry, we provide reliable and trained patient care professionals. They are instrumental in giving complete care to the elder people by serving them with a humble approach.

The services we provide

We offer a 24-hour/day maid service in Mumbai for all of your domestic duties. Daily household tasks, including ironing, food shopping, cleaning, and washing, will be handled by the maid.

Our highly trained cleaners in Mumbai are just what you require for your homes, hotels, and businesses. Our cleaners clean bathrooms, kitchens, and other public spaces in addition to sweeping, mopping, and vacuuming the floors. They also clean furniture, ceiling fans, and counters.

Cooking Services in Mumbai – Our cooks have received training to assist in maintaining the kitchen’s efficiency and organization. They guarantee appropriate food handling, hygienic practices, and adherence to food storage guidelines.

Our Ayah service in Mumbai- provides nurses, nannies, and caretakers with the flexibility and diversity of temporary placements that nurses and attendants seek these days. We place a high priority on experienced nurses. We offer staff to a variety of industries, including houses, clinics, nursing homes, and hospitals.

While the parents are at work, our babysitter is entirely in charge of the health and welfare of the kids. Our Mumbai babysitting services- are in charge of all aspects of childcare, including meals, housekeeping, and educational activities. Other vital duties include keeping track of kids’ everyday activities and enforcing rules.

A Japa Maid in Mumbai- A Japa maid is a professional or nanny who has the knowledge and expertise to care for a newborn infant as well as the mother. Our Japa Maid in Mumbai offers services such as washing the baby or newborn and the mother, changing the baby’s clothes, and changing diapers, helping the mother have enough rest and sleep to recover after giving birth.

Mumbai Driver- A driver is someone who is in charge of the needs of the passengers as well as the operation of the car. A driver’s average day includes moving people and cargo both safely and efficiently. Our goal is to offer drivers who adhere to traffic laws, take care of their vehicles, and drive safely.

Watchman in Mumbai- As part of our watchman services in Mumbai, we examine the security of building entrances, doors, and windows. The watchman prevents any property damage and limits unauthorized entry to your building or premises. This assures you and your loved ones of the highest level of protection.

Why Choose Us?

Quick response- The Maid Services in Mumbai provide timely responses to their customers and they avoid delays while catering services to them.

Very Quick Service- The whole functioning, right from booking to providing the required maid, is very fast here. This is done to build trust and make a good impression in front of the customers.

Responsible Team- Here, the agency is responsible and accountable for all the services that they cater to the customers. They try their best to look after every area to ensure the best service.

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