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Terms & Conditions

1) We take one month salary service charge with a client in which advance 50% of the salary for candidate with a filling of requirement from the balance amount will be pay after 3/ three days from joining of the employee for(12 months) after 12 month client will have to pay renewal service charge one month salary for getting continue services next year.

2) While filling the form for Rs. 1000/- (one two thousand only) registration payment should be made.

3) If the client wants to cancel the agency agreement within the period of one year(12 month) then the services charges will not be refunded in any circumstances.  The agency provide you candidate replacement only.

4) Company will provide the house maid , cook act, within 03 to 05 official working days. The candidate is verified by the company.

5) Agency will do the police verification of maids. In case of theft or robbery, NewHouseMmaid may assist the client with the details of the maids.

6) The client check the bag purse or any other thing that the made is carrying before the maid enter the home and before the maid leaves the home. It is for safety of the client.

7) Company provide trial period for 3 days (chargeable) after trial base period the balance amount should be paid.

8) The salary will be fixed by the compromise between the candidate and the client. The company will not be interfering the salary company settled between them.

9) The document will be given to you after the full and final payment is done and will sent by courier.

10) Any payment maid to candidate by client side company will not responsible for the money matter. We are not responsible for any wrong behavior characteristics between candidates and client.

11) If any candidate leaves his/her job without any reasons, we will provide you only the candidate.

12) If the invoices are settled and due to any reasons the candidate resigns then a free replacement is 7 days but it may be depending or the availability

13) When the client want to need replacement of the maid, client need to inform the agency 10 to 15 days prior.

14) The company will provide you 3 to 4 replacement within (12 months) after the first candidate selection .

15) If the candidate commit theft robbery or loss of any nature in house. It will be sold responsibility of the client to take necessary legal action against the candidates on the sport with valid reason. The company will not take any responsible to pay for losses; company will help to client for find the candidates and cooperate to client.

16) Two holidays are compulsory give to employee for domestic service in month for residential purpose.

17) If the candidate will not take holidays then the she/he takes extra charge for that.

Note: Any violence with maid will attract legal actions and also will cause termination of the service with the immediate effect.

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